Clipsandwich is the brand-new, fun and tasty way to interact with viral videos on your iPhone. Select a viral video you like and record your reaction or interaction. The app combines both videos automatically and adds cool effects.


About the Project

Aside from leading the design process, I was responsible for overseeing the development team and keeping everyone running in the same direction. The main challenge for the whole team was to figure out how to differentiate users' video responses from the original video and simplify the process of a video response.


I worked directly with the Mobile Motion founders to determine the goals, scope and future market placement of ClipSandwich app. Before starting the process, we spent a lot of time discussing the vision for the app and sketching ideas on the office whiteboard. After the whiteboarding process I moved onto making high fidelity wireframes.


Visual Appearance

 I worked with the Mobile Motion team to design the product from the ground up. Having free reign over the app's look and feel, I really enjoyed working on branding, colors, fonts, icons and other small elements that make a big difference.

User Interface

Clipsandwich is all about content and users creatively approaching this content. I focused on designing an interface that was clean and minimal, allowing the user's talent to shine through.

Final Designs

After final refinements and discussions, I transitioned files to the client and stayed on board to help with assets, interactions and testing.