Starlize is a mobile app for teenagers to create music videos within seconds. Select your favorite song and record the scenes. Starlize creates your lip-synced music video and adds various effects. No cutting, no editing. Just easy.


About the Project

I worked with the Mobile Motion team to design the product from the ground up. The main objective of the project was to create an application design which should be fun and engaging and to make all interactions as easy to understand as possible.


Before diving deep into the pixels, I always do basic research and chalk out early stage wireframes to make sure that the overall flow and interactions make sense.


Visual Appearence

I designed the branding, marketing material and the iPhone app for Starlize. Since the vision for the product was crafted with care, doing the same for the design process was an easy choice.

User Interface

While defining the UI vision for Starlize, I worked to find balance by mixing the dynamic backgrounds and semi-transparent light design for video content.


Final Designs

After final refinements and discussions, I transitioned files to the client and stayed on board to help with assets, interactions and testing.



Starlize received great feedbacks from its customers and company investors. It also won the Midemlab Marketing & Social Engagement award 2014.