Zenmate team believes the Internet is a much better place when everyone can browse privately, and browse the same Internet as everyone else. 

About the Project

Almost 20 people work hard in a cozy Berlin office to create a VPN client that fully secures and encrypts all traffic in your browser and on your desktop or mobile devices. I joined the team in 2014 to bring human touch to their highly technical and complex baby.

I designed Zenmate logo, app icons, iPhone app, Android app and OSX client from scratch. Shortly after iOS 8 came out, I began refining the app to embrace the new aesthetics and incorporate existing user feedback

UX First

I started with an exploration of main usage scenarios, then switched to rapidly wireframing and testing the user flows in order to define key layouts and interaction patterns.


Unified Experience

Using Zenmate is really easy. Just download and install it, sign up for an account, and choose the location of the content you want to access, with no configuration needed at all. I did my best to support this flawlessly developed experience with direct and lightweight interface.

User Interface

Having little time on my hands but huge desire to ship a solid product I challenged myself to deliver a unified design across all digital touch points. I realized that Zenmate’s true value was in giving surfing freedom to its customers. And I came up with visual language prioritizing function over decoration. 



Zenmate has quickly become a go-to service for people looking for a secure hub to browse internet on their mobile devices. Mobile apps have been downloaded by tens of millions of users and garnered positive feedback across app stores.